What Nurse's Aide users have to say:

Julia Soper
Julia Soper
Director of Health Services
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

Ode to Nurse's Aide

  1. Refrain:
    Oh, Nurse’s Aide
    Oh, Nurse’s Aide
    you have been our salvation!
    We’re trashing all our paper forms. You’re our 'Next Generation.'

    (repeat refrain after each verse and whenever you feel like it!)

  2. It took so long to make the switch—
    Can we give up our paper cards?
    Computers, printers—we’re not rich!
    The move to electronics sure is hard.

  3. Now to decide: which do we choose?
    Software options everywhere!
    The big one? Small one? Established? New?
    Nifty tabs or pictures fair?

  4. Next comes the bidding process—oh!
    This is so strange; what do we do?
    What if the one that comes out low
    is not the one we thought we knew?

  5. It’s done at last—proposal’s passed!
    The little green guy is the one!
    Our work is vast, install it fast!
    It’s time for us to have some fun.

  6. The nurses thought ‘twould make them queasy—
    clicking, tabbing, typing in.
    Turns out that it’s really easy:
    the hardest part is signing in.

  7. Clinic Visits: ins and outs—
    this is your daily traffic route.
    A stomach virus? That I doubt,
    let me check you in and I’ll check you out.

  8. The Day’s Meds list is such a breeze;
    You type the time or click on 'Now'.
    The info transfers with great ease
    to students’ records, but don’t ask how!

  9. Student Info has it all:
    Alerts, Health History, Screenings, Meds,
    Imm’s and Visits at your call—
    A consolidated fountainhead!

  10. Reports, reports, a very hard sell;
    we used to do them all by hand.
    Annual, monthly, daily as well,
    a couple of clicks and it’s in your hand.

  11. So are we happy? Yes, we say,
    we love our little crying dude!
    We bless the day he came our way—
    our nursing care is much improved!

Sharon Earles
Sharon Earles
Stinnett ISD

You know, I probably don’t tell you all this often enough, but I’m really glad we picked you for our software, as you are really great about responding to issues and being there when we need you.

I just returned from Spring Break and installed the update and tried it. Thanks! I am so impressed!!! Great job! I can't believe the great service I receive.

My technology support staff has appreciated working with you and Gregg far above and beyond their experiences with all my former programs.

I just entered my 8th graders spinal screening results and really like the updates on this page. It looks great and covers everything. Thanks for a great product!

Carol Bjorkman, RN, BSN, FNP-S
Carol Bjorkman, RN, BSN, FNP-S
Trinity Christian Academy

I am a school nurse at a private school in the Dallas area with about 1500 students. We are using Nurse's Aide software. ... We (there are three school nurses) have been very happy with the way Nurse's Aide is set up ... With Nurse's Aide we now have all student information including health information, medications, contact information, absences, immunizations, etc. all in one wonderful location 'Student Information' within the software. We have become virtually paperless in our clinic, thanks to Nurse's Aide. If you ever make any more software changes, I'd sure recommend Nurse's Aide.

Linda Winegarner
Linda Winegarner
Spearman ISD

This school year, I have started using the clinic visits and daily medications visits. In the past, I felt like I did not have the time to sit at my computer and enter all the information as well as complete the paper documentation, too. However, after becoming familiar with the program, I find it takes very little time to complete and can print the visits to show the teacher or parent if needed.

Wanda Voelcker
Wanda Voelcker
Director of Health Services
Mineral Wells ISD

Gregg has been extremely patient and helpful. I think he deserves a raise! I am updating as we speak. We are very pleased with NA so far. Immunizations and screenings are so easy and moving from item to item within the students file makes our lives so much easier. My nurses and I thank you and Gregg, for everything.

Jay Patrick
Jay Patrick
Network Administrator
Jefferson County School District

Nurse's Aide has been a great find according to our staff who sort through the mountains of shot/allergy and basic medical needs of our 3000+ student population. From a Network Administrator position Gregg has been fantastic to work with. He is always willing to try to figure out a better way for the program to operate and for the program to fit our district's desires.

I would recommend this software bundled with the people in the office (Gregg and Barbara) who support the software and the end user.

Cathy Magness, RN
Cathy Magness, RN
San Juan Middle School

Ours is a large district with 40 schools networked into one another, and Nurse's Aide is our exclusive means for documentation for all 28,000+ of the district's students. We have been successfully using Nurse’s Aide for the past three years and are very happy with the software and especially with the company's great support of their product.
The program itself is easy to use--I like to use the word 'elegant', because if you have ever used Microsoft Word or Windows, the software is similar in that it is mostly drop-down menus and logical choices. Everything is HIPAA/FERPA compliant, confidentiality is assured through the software's password protection, and the training and follow-up support by the company is fantastic.
One of my favorite aspects with Nurse's Aide is the reporting feature. If I want to see how many students are outstanding on their Td booster or Hepatitis B vaccines, for example, I simply run a report. You can see which teachers are sending you the most students and for what reasons. It's fast and easy to document visits to your clinic, screenings for individual students or whole classes (amazing time saver over our old paper records), medication administration, incident reports, allergy and other health alerts for individual students, and much more. ... The reports you obtain with this software are complete, easy to read, and include your name, address, and phone number as a contact.
The company has given us excellent support since the beginning and continues to update and improve the program. Our district took many months to 'shop' and test all the national software available for school nurses, and unanimously chose Nurse's Aide over all the others. Whether your district is 80 schools or 3 schools, I think you will find that the Nurse's Aide software is the best choice of the leading products. I highly recommend it.

Sharon C. Huggs, RN
Sharon C. Huggs, RN
Travis Elementary School

I want to take a moment also to say thank you to all of you who have created and keep this wonderful program going. I don't know what life would be like without you.

I actually do know. The first year I came here and was a school nurse I wound up going through about 800 charts by hand trying to figure out who had what shots and who might need shots. It was a nightmare and I cried and cried but scraped by and got the job done. I am sure it wasn't done well or correctly but I survived and then we met you at a meeting and you showed us this program and I begged Wanda to take a look at it. It is a Godsend.

I get records from other schools in other places and there just isn't anything out there that is as great as yours. I am learning every year to take more and more advantage of Nurse’s Aide and my life becomes more and more organized and that is a very good thing.

Again, thanks for all you do to help us be better school nurses.

Jamie Smith, RN, BSN
Jamie Smith, RN, BSN
District Nurse
Madras, Oregon

I am new to School Nursing so I have not experienced this position without an electronic management system. I can’t imagine doing this job without Nurse’s Aide. Even if it only managed our immunizations, it would be worth it. Of course, it does much more than that. I am able to use this program for medication management, screening documentation, and report generation. I am able to access any student’s information from any of my 7 schools. I enjoy the ease of use and security of the program. Everything is HIPAA compliant and password protected. I am able to restrict certain aspects of the program depending on the user.

I continually recommend Nurse’s Aide to other School Nurses that I encounter. The support staff is great to work with and are willing to listen to ideas that I may have to improve the program. Order a copy of the Demo and see for yourself how Nurse’s Aide can improve the Health Services of your district.

Tracey Echols, RN, BSN
Tracey Echols, RN, BSN
Irving ISD, Texas

I want you to know that the work I did yesterday on my screening referral follow up letters would have taken me literally a day and half to complete last year and I did it all yesterday in 45 minutes. I was very excited! I get to mail them today!

I want to thank you for the all of the hard work you put in to making Nurse’s Aide the best charting software I have ever dealt with. It makes my job so much simpler. Two of the features I use often and so grateful that they are available are the templates in the clinic log, and the save feature in the administrative tasks. I don’t want to make this a long email but I do want to tell you how I use the save feature. Every year I save the class list by grade level so that I can quickly go to it and choose from the smaller list of teachers or I can run the whole grade level. I love it.

Lucille Horst, RN, BSN
Lucille Horst, RN, BSN
Borger Middle School

Our school district purchased new software this school year and we love it more EVERY day! We are using Nurse’s Aide. ... We are finding Nurse’s Aide very user compatible and so much easier to use than our previous program. We no longer spend hours going thru records for state reports as the report format is programmed into the software. We do not have to wait until 'next year' for updates....we get these from Nurse’s Aide over the Internet every few weeks if not more often as they add-to or improve aspects of the program. We could not be happier with our purchase. Another added advantage is that we can pick up the phone at any time during our work day, dial a toll free number and almost without exception talk to a 'real' person immediately (and most always the SAME person, not a new one each time) !!! It is like having your own expert at your fingertips.....The daily visit log allows me to pull up any student's visit for any date or dates.....this has proven very beneficial to me when there are questions regarding the student's visits......NO WAY would I change to anything else.....I LOVE it !!!!!! I highly recommend this program to anyone!!!! (Oh, and did I mention that it is 'customized' for your particular needs....it is not a 'one-size-fits-all'...we had input into what we wanted it to include when we purchased it and have options to change some things as we work with it!!!)

Lu Ann Fillpot, RN
Lu Ann Fillpot, RN
Farwell ISD

Just wanted to let you know how much I have truly enjoyed using Nurse’s Aide! I have already finished my compliance report, whereas normally it took me several weeks, usually right up to the date it was due. It was just toooo darn easy this year!! Your program has made my life as a school nurse too easy! Really, what did I ever do without it?

OH MY GOSH!!!! YIPPPPPEEEEE!!!! WAY TOOO COOL, JUST KEEP ALL THIS GREAT STUFF COMING! I love these graphs. You just continue to make my life easier and easier and easier. Really, what’s not to like here?

Janet Ludgar
Janet Ludgar
Prestonwood Christian Academy

The developers of Nurse's Aide software worked directly with us so that their software would communicate with our admissions software. This particular software also has a NIC-NOC portion. I believe school nurses were consulted during the development of the Nurse's Aide computer program. It is very user friendly. It has been a time saver with my tracking of immunizations. It is a full service program that I would highly recommend. Everything that I do in the clinic from immunization tracking, daily visits, medication logs, parent letters, etc. are managed using my Nurse's Aide program.

Valerie White, BSN, RN
Valerie White, BSN, RN
Baytown Junior High School

I love, love NA, and all the capabilities. I wish I could 'play' with it more. he possibilities are endless , and I know I am not using it in its entirety owever, I am one satisfied customer and would highly recommend it. I appreciate your willingness to walk me through every step/question in detail, and pleasantly.

Sharon Williams, RN
Koogler Middle School

I truly appreciate you and Gregg, for all the fast service you provide and for developing this tool we so depend on and use daily. It is a joy to work with both of you, your positive cheerful attitudes make contact with you always a pleasure. God Bless you.