Price Sheet*

Nurse's Aide program price

(per computer)


Program setup

Program setup may include consulting on database and network configuation,
importing data and incorporating the program into your data proccessing environment.
This does not include physical installation of Nurse's Aide software on each workstation.
# of computers
1-9 $200
10+ $150

Annual support and updates

(per computer)
Begins one year after installation.



(optional, per session)
4-hour session for up to 12 users/session.
Additional travel and material expenses will be charged based on your location.


Annual NIC-NOC license fee

Nursing Interventions Classifications/Nursing Outcomes Classifications is a method of
documenting health concerns by using standardized nursing language and methodology;
it is used in creating individualized health care plans.
# of computers
1-9 $90/computer
10-59 $900/district
60-119 $1,500/district
120+ $2,400/district

*Prices are valid through May 31, 2020